Leo is our oldest puppy from Kiki’s Litter, born May 8th @ 10:10 pm, he is growing nicely :weighing 6.89 lb. at 6 weeks old. He has traditional Husky colors, Black & White, and has began to develop a wooly coat. Leo has an open face mask with the cuties dash’s of white over his eyes. He absolutely loves to antagonize his siblings and other litter mates. He prefers to hug our arms when we do our daily submissive training cuddles, which has him so relaxed he snoozes. Leo is starting to grasp the idea of a space for potty away from sleeping & eating spaces, we are stating to train him for outdoor potty time. Leo has been adopted by the Williams Family along with another litter mate, Sky (from Kyah’s litter). We are so happy for the Williams and know they will enjoy him and love him through the next dozen years.

Kyah’s Litter Has Arrived!

Kyah did an amazing job Saturday delivering 5 female puppies. Her first puppy was born at 1:34pm and the last one made an appearance at 7:01pm. She loved having her companion Stephanie with her through her labor.

She is very much in love with her pack of all girls. Puppies are happy and growing well. Names inspired by things found in nature: Sage, Pearl, Oakley, Sky, & Clover.

Kiki’s Litter Has Arrived!

Kiki gave birth to these cuties. One female and three males. Unfortunately she had to have an unexpected C-section. She is recovering great and the puppies are growing and thriving.

Kyah is Expecting Puppies!

Our beautiful Red & White female, Kyah, is expecting Five puppies due on May 15th. Our Black & White male, Koda, is the happy sir of this litter. These two are going to make gorgeous puppies. Such a relaxed and chill set of parents to be.

Kiki Is Expecting! Due May 7th

We are so excited to announce that Kiki is expecting! Her ultrasound was a few days too early and so we know she is having 5 puppies, but the Vet told us to expect more. The Sire is a beautiful Red & White working Service Dog, Kai form Ogden Utah. We are expecting to see puppies around May 7th. Kiki is doing great, she is getting a little uncomfortable as is expected. She is also extra snuggly. She is being introduced to her whelping box in the coming week. We have a lot of interest in the puppies already. Let us know if we can answer any of your questions about our upcoming litter.